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I am Pete, the creator of this Free spanking chat room 🙂 This is going to be a FREE site for as long as I can manage it. However I do need more people to join and chat so the more people you tell the more m people will join. Thanks.
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The Sound Of The Cane It’s all about the sound of good caning. I personally like the sound of the rattan cane swishing through the air and whipping down firmly (not necessarily hard) on a young schoolgirls soft little bottom. I have a;so tried to do Read More …

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From that great magazine Blushes The story is called “ Prefects Club”  I posted this on my other site  From Blushes Uniform Girls 8 ‘Being a prefect is of course a signal honour,’ said the Headmaster. ‘It brings many privileges within the school and Read More …