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I am Pete, the creator of this Free spanking chat room 🙂 This is going to be a FREE site for as long as I can manage it. However I do need more people to join and chat so the more people you tell the more m people will join. Thanks.
spanking ice skater
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Katie skates round and round the rink, practice time for the big competition. Every time she makes a mistake she will pay the price from her strict coach with good hard spanking. Her hot little bottom will cool down nicely on rink. At least then Read More …

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More pictures from things that go spank in the night, where Mum and her ne boyfriend come into the girls bedroom and find that they are not the only two in the house having some spanking fun and games. So they decide to show the Read More …

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The Sound Of The Cane It’s all about the sound of good caning. I personally like the sound of the rattan cane swishing through the air and whipping down firmly (not necessarily hard) on a young schoolgirls soft little bottom. I have a;so tried to do Read More …

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From that great magazine Blushes The story is called “ Prefects Club”  I posted this on my other site  From Blushes Uniform Girls 8 ‘Being a prefect is of course a signal honour,’ said the Headmaster. ‘It brings many privileges within the school and Read More …