#2 “Classroom”

This is another old one, I think around 2000.  I had joined Spankart’s group and decided I needed to draw and submit something.  Pretty crude but it’s a start.    


Mature, very assertive bisexual male living alone in my own house in the county of Kent, United Kingdom. I was introduced to the world of spanking by my first wife, she love me to spank her during rear entry sex. Which she took very well, Read More …

Bob The Bouncer Gets Spanked For Cash!

Jobs are not so plentiful for Bob so he’s decided to turn his hand a few other things. Never been spanked before he goes over the knee to get a good sound spanking! https://cp4men.net/ClipsForSale9/ClipsForSale9.html

diary of a dirty girl day 39

diary of a dirty girl day 39 Can’t believe it  i have actually received a pre bbq spanking  to remind me to be nice to his mother and sister and her way to touchy feely fella  !!!! just because i had a few words with Read More …

diary of a dirty girl day 38

diary of a dirty girl day 38 kneeling on the floor hands on head is just the worst position to be in  during corner time  it just is 

diary of a dirty girl day 37

diary of a dirty girl day 37 attempt number 3  i really must improve my typing skills i gets a phone call at about half 11 from he who  must be obeyed… he says where are you  do you fancy meeting at home for lunch   Read More …