I was asleep when I felt him sit on edge of bed. he put his hand under the covers and ran a finger along the my panties pushing them into my tight butt.  I moved a little and he stopped, I moved my leg allowing him room to rub my cock. He rubbed it then slapped it til I woke daddy what? You know what bitch, he pulled my P.J.s down and slapped my tiny butt, no daddy, he didn’t stop he started slapping my bare butt it hurt so bad. Daddy please you are hurting me, that drove daddy crazy he took out his massive cock and buried it in my tiny little butt, reaming me as he raped me. I tried not to enjoy it but I did. The pounding and the feeling of being filled were intoxicating. After he came he pulled out and turned me over he started to whip my cock and balls until i came, he left me there covered in my own sperm and my butt filled with his. At school I wondered if the other boys dad’s raped them at night?

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