Diary of a dirty girl day 12

Diary of a dirty girl day 12

Sorry i am just  so sorry  

I know i didn’t post a diary entry yesterday  .I meant to but the day got away from me and i forgot , when i did suddenly remember it was very late and if i am honest  i  made the decision not to post and just went to bed .

This morning it has been pointed out to me  that if you start something or make a commitment you must see it through you must do what you said you would  or there maybe consequences

I accept that i have made a mistake  and also a cant be bothered attitude is unacceptable  at any time  so i am prepared to accept any consequence of my slack behaviour 

My husband having kindly pointed this out to me, this morning also pointed out i haven’t let him down but i have let the spank red community down  so it should be that they that decides how i should be punished  .He guarantees to any one who post a punishment  he will  carry it out on their behalf  and  i will then send them a private personal apology   and thank you

So again i can only apologise for my actions or lack of action yesterday and  ask if you would please take the time suggest a punishment for me  as you see fit i would be grateful 


a contrite and slightly nervous  Lucy x

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  1. Well, I would suggest she be stripped naked, nipples clamped and not released until her punishment spanking is finished and then one hard stroke fo the cane, as soon as you can after the nipples have been released leaving both parts throbbing

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