diary of a dirty girl day 37

diary of a dirty girl day 37

attempt number 3  i really must improve my typing skills

i gets a phone call at about half 11 from he who  must be obeyed… he says where are you  do you fancy meeting at home for lunch  

so i said ok and we met at about 12:40  i was first home and put the kettle on  he came in   and straight away no chat no nothing says 

i dont fancy anything to eat but i do fancy a blowjob come on kid we have time  but  be quick about it  i need to be somewhere else at half 1

so before i know it in sort of disbelief  i’m doing the deed while he has a cup of bloody tea 

what do i get out of what was supposed to be a nice surprise meet up lunch with my man ….sore knees a pat on the head and the chance to say thank you for him chucking his stuff on my chin before i go back to cutting some old dears hair 

just for the record being someones dirty girl  is not all its cracked up to be  sometimes                just saying  x

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