Diary of a dirty girl day 8

Diary of a dirty girl day 8 

Note to self

When one does something for ones self in secret like for example innocently sticking a spoonful of yogurt down ones pants just for a naughty  little tingle of pleasure 

Dont then write it on a public forum where he who must be obeyed will ask to see what your diary entry for the day is 

Because the following day to make sure you dont do it again  he will swap your nice cotton knickers for a thong  and then insist you where that thong the wrong way around 

Whilst saying  yes i know it will be very uncomfortable and cut in, but my dear that is not my problem, and it will stop a certain dirty girl doing dirty things with yogurt when she should be concentrating on other more important things   


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  1. To note as well

    Playing with the string to tease your little places is not allowed and will result in more punishment

    Consider the consequences if yogurt had been placed in what had been the front panel anyway!

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