I met a man

I was taking my walk and there was a young man looking for something to smoke. I told him he was to young to kill his lungs he said no smoke like weed. I told him i didn’t do that anymore, he followed me home, I let him into my home, I found some weed and got him really stoned. He asked if he could have it since it was old and i was probably going to throw it away. I told him i really liked spanking tight boy butts. He said he wasn’t gay, i told him that was fine but a tight boy butt needs spanked. I told him society lost its way and the old family values were lost like the spanking of the boy before manhood.  At the son’s 18th Birthday he is spanked. To introduce him to the world where if you are not careful many people will be spanking him. He dropped his pants and took the spanking like a good boy.

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