Latest spankred3d artwork

A nice bottom spanking OTK style in the spanking room

Well here is a room with all the toys and spanking implements one could possibly want to tan the backside of a willing or unwilling subject. The girls were chatting in the NEW FREE Spanking Chatroom at  You will notice that one of the girls even has a Spank Red shirt on (a dead giveaway to what she is into). After chatting and role playing on the chatroom, the girls finally meet up with the other spankers, as a get together in one of the chatter’s spanking themed room in his house. The two girls being spanked are friends who decided to log on to the chatroom and have some naughty Cyber playing fun and chat. The two spankers are also not an actual couple but met on the chatroom and decided they had a lot in common, as far as the subject of spanking was concerned.

This story will unfold and also the pictures from the initial online meet will be posted as a prequel, as well as the ongoing present story-line.

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