Tortured then raped

I was walking down the alley coming home from the bar. Three young men asked if I had a light when I fumbled for the lighter they knocked me down, and took the bag from the mini mart. I laid there a minute see if anything broken then stumbled towards home. Hey grandpa do you need any help? A voice said from the dark. No thanks I am almost home oh let me help you. I don’t, oh what the hell. He saw my condition in the light on the porch oh wow you got beat up? No just punks stealing beer. I fumbled for my keys when I got the door open he pushed me inside. What the hell I started to say then the lights went out. I woke up naked on the bed tied up, my cock hurt like hell I tried to look at it but it had a wire around the head hooked to something I couldn’t see attached to my leg I couldn’t straighten it with pulling on the wire. Poppy awake someone yelled and they all appeared the kids from the alley you bastards i tried to say but the pain in my cock stopped. That right poppy you our bitch now. They all laughed as the pissed in my mouth, then they attached a ball gag. They turned me over my leg spasms and I almost tore the head off my cock they took the wire off so they can torture me later. They took turns raping me the little med then big guy reaming me til next week. Dumping there std laced sperm in me. They took turns shooting BB’s at my balls and butt, then they put needles in m balls and whipped my butt the belt hitting the needles, I screamed into the ball. I was close to passing out, a phone rang. hey Lawrence has a party ya wanna go? Shit yes this old fart never gonna cum. 

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