Spanked Bottom Club

Spanks Giving Party Continues

Bare Bottom Spanking Club, started after Spanksgiving. A nice way to spend it with the girls. This is what happens when you let them have a little wine. Then dop a few suggestions as a joke. One smacked bottom. Then they all want to play. If you’re lucky. Like these two Moms are. 

Spanks Giving Bare Bottom Spanking Club

Bare Bottom Spanking Club

A continuation of the same party. The success of a good party. Continuing into the night. A little alcohol and then things start to happen. A little more adventurous each time. As one girl tries to outdo the last. Showing how much they can take. Starting with a light warm-up. Soon the paddles, crops & canes appear. 

Bare Bottom Spanking Club. One smacked bottom. Then they all want to play.

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Hot Hard Spankings For Teen Butts

The girls line up along the back wall. Their red hot stinging little bottoms are on display. As this is not a punishment. They are allowed to chat. In a whisper. The Moms will use the implement chosen by the girl. After a nice hand a spanking. OTK, war up. Then as the drinks flow and the mood lightens. Outcome the paddles. Over the chair for a caning. Some girls like to dress up. Change outfits. Spank each other’s bottoms. 

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Red hot little bare bottoms at the spanking club

More to come with this selection of pictures and storyline. 

All of the spanking, caning, paddling bare ass picture stories.
With some very hot red smacked butts inside:
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