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a good long caning with baby oil on spankred chat

This is me during a caning session. Tied hands and ankles to the bedframe. Bent comfortably over three pillows. Warmed up for 10-15 mins with some light to medium taps (well a few harder wacks actually). Then the bit I was not expecting. A baby oil massage. I thought that was nice.

Then massage turned into a way of applying more of the oily stuff to my bottom. To soften up the cheeks. So I was told. As you can see she used quite a lot of the stuff. Then the cane tapped down again. She giggled as I yelped a bit when she whipped the Junior Rattan down harder. She said that she liked the sound and the stripes in pink. She wanted to make them redder. So she did! There are videos of this available on my private page on spankred3d Full member’s Area.

What’s your favourite spanking scene?

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