Why Spankred Is Free

Spankred Is Free, Why?

Why Spankred Is Free. Because I can use it to promote my artwork site spankred3d.com. Also, it gives me an opportunity to chat with other spanko’s. find out more about what people like. This helps me to make up scenes & illustrations that people will enjoy. Also, I am not just some business dabbling in the adult industry. I am genuinely interested in the subject. There are 1000’s chat sites out there. Some are great. Others are terrible. A lot of the free ones will eventually want money from you. I have decided that this will not be a dating site.

Is This A Free Dating Site?

No, not really. You will have the ability to upload an Avatar or use your Gravatar. Also, you can add and edit a profile. However, this is predominantly a chatroom for spanking enthusiasts. If you are looking for a spanking dating site use Alt.com (click here) it’s brilliant, take it from me. (but buy the premium and actually meet real naughty spanking people, in your vicinity).

What Can I do In The Chatroom?

Whatever you like but don’t be rude. Bring your political & racial crap in here. Mainly because it’s boring & nobody cares. This is a chatroom for spanking talk. There are themed chatrooms, the ability to private chat and send messages. If you arrange meetings and dates. That is entirely up to you. I also will take no responsibility for this. I love to have discussions about punishments. Roleplay in PMs (pretty much. most scenarios). I love to discuss experiences. Past & present. 

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You may also use the main chatroom page or use the chat bar at the bottom right-hand corner of your browser. (different if you are using a Smartphone). If you click on the bar where the little icon says “Chatrooms” a small window will pop up. On that window, if you click on the arrow near the top right corner. The window detaches allowing you to surf the net and continue to have your chat still open. 

So enjoy it it’s free to use. I will also occasionally send you an email advertising something cool. Like a new site update. At the bottom of the email, you can unsubscribe. Click on the link and I will simply delete your account and ban your IP address. That way you will never get emailed by me again. 

Free Spanking Chat Rooms

Be careful. I have visited as many as I can. Mainly for research. There’s a lot that is just premium dating sites. They do have a chatroom. However, you will be bombarded with messages that can’t reply to. emails with people that want to meet you, that you can’t answer. This is to force you to pay for their premium subscription. My advice is to stay away. Some chat sites are charging a fee that is entirely up to you. However, I would certainly check out anyone who offers a Lifetime Membership. Make sure it’s the lifetime of the website. (that’s all I am going to say).

Are There Any Other Free Chat Sites For Spanking?

The ones I trust are The Spanking Needs Forum (Free) Not just spanking chat, it has a whole forumiPunishments (Free) Simple design with blog-style uploads & private messaging –Spanklink.com (Free)Not a chat site but a full-on spanking social media site. If you own one or know of one. Please let me know. 

This page is under construction and will have info on how to use this site and some rules and regs.

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