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spanking chat for people who like to discuss. Role play and share bottom spanking experiences. Naughty caning, from school or home. Or some more serious kinky adult fun. “This site is currently under construction and will soon be a fully functioning spanking chat site for registered users. However, some of the functions are not working properly yet. If you haven’t received your password and login information within 5 minutes, please send a message to”

Spanking Good Security

I am in no doubt that everyone who uses the internet and looks at adult material is using a VPN. (if you are not you are crazy). Because I can tell: Your IP: from North America in United States The Country Code: US The sever is located in the region: VA AKA Virginia the city is also Ashburn your timezone is America/New_York This website is free so you have saved some USD You are currently using the service provider, Inc.. Your using the Unknown to browse the site. and the opperating system you are currently using (if not using a mobile device) is Unknown OS Platform

So welcome to spankred spanking chat site Here is national flag of your county

Make sure your using a great security system and hide all this info with a VPN (Vertual Private Network). I have been using them for a while, however some are better than others so here at spank red we use Express VPN. Fast, reliable, secure and it allows you to choose what country you are browsing from. Sometimes that makes things cheaper. 

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