Red Hot Cheeks

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Red Hot Cheeks is a spanking comic by the amazing artist at spankred3d. This is a series of manipulated artwor (all originina sr3d). Reformated into a story. Strangly linked to other storylines. There are naerly 50 to collect. All the work is exclusive and oly avaiable on Patreon.

A bottom smacking and caning teen comic called Red Hot Cheeks

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The Art Of A Good Spanking

Spanking Artwork Punishment Illustrations. Corporal punishment scenes. Naughty girls, boys & sissy boys. Original 3d artwork, story format with multiple pictures. Stories of t naughty schoolgirl or sissy boy receiving punishment. Lots of red hot stinging bottoms. This Patreon site includes some old works of art from 2005 and also so exclusive comics and pictures. Depending on the Tier that you subscribe to. 

Tier 4 has it all. 4 Tiers of viewing, allows you to view my work for a very small amount of money.

Archive Tier (from € 5.00)

will allow you access to all my archive spanking art from 2006-2016.

Sissyboy Tier (from € 7.50)

will allow you to see all of the Sissy Boy artwork only

Archive Plus Tier (from € 10.00)

will allow you to access all my work from 2006-2021 + 

A substantial amount of artwork from a new era in graphic technology. Some as late as 2022)

Red Hot Cheeks Spanking Comic (Tier 4) (from € 20.00)

Red Hot Cheeks Spanking Comics

New Exclusive content is only available here on Patreon including ALL OTHER TIERS

Red Hot Cheeks Spanking Comics. by spankred3d.


(comics are not even available on

Includes the Archive Plus TierSissyboy Tier, and Archive Tier…

NEW Content Updated Reguarly.

–The main comics are completely new drawings & exclusive content to this channel. Some of the EXTRA & Exclusives are made up of older works of art put into story format — [ This allows me to see what is worth revisiting to re-draw. Some old content was drawn using older software. Now we have much better stuff ]

Special set of privileges on spankred3d Discord Server. Top of the hierarchy and able to access special content… (this is a spanking chatroom, community, and social media site just for us).

Yes …all this for €20 per 30 days… Enjoy

Please remember that Red Hot Cheeks Spanking Comics is only available here on this Patreon site. (NOT on

Spanking Comics From Rede Hot Cheeks

There is also a “Behind The Scenes Content Update”. This is sometimes personal pictures, screenshots of me working, videos on how I make animations and drawings, or some “outtakes of stories”. (yes of course there are no outtakes on stories .. they are extra drawings that I have made to make the scenes look like they are being filmed by a full crew)


Full HD retrp spanking movies from the 70’s 80’s 90’s Remasterd from old videos and DVD’s with unseen behind the sceenes footage. Private spanking parties with candid cameras. Lots of spanked and caned little teenage bottoms

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Quality redrawn special srtwork sets. Make this the most updated spanking site on the net. The work is not shared with the original main site. It has NO AI Bullshit. Just genuine and original artwork, drawn with Daz 3d software and a bit of post editing in Photoshop. 

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